Kitchen Cabinets in Knoxville

A set of custom cabinets can add beauty, value, and loads of storage space to your kitchen. Kitchen Gallery LLC is here to help you maximize those benefits. Since opening our doors, we’ve established ourselves as Knoxville’s premier cabinet contractor. We offer a vast range of custom cabinets, each flawlessly built and seamlessly installed according to the client’s specifications. For best-in-class custom kitchen cabinets, you can consider us the go-to choice.

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Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

Your kitchen, your way. As a cabinet contractor, we are committed to realizing our clients’ vision for their kitchen. With that mission in mind, we offer a vast selection of custom cabinets available to view at our showroom. You’re welcome to see what we have to offer to elevate the form and function of your kitchen.

Our cabinets are always customized according to our clients’ needs, wants, and stylistic preferences. We’ll be happy to recommend suggestions for the cut, color, size, and style of your cabinets, but ultimately, the choice is yours to make. At the end of the day, you have the final say.

Experience the Advantage of Our Cabinetmakers

Our years of experience have made us a leader in the cabinet installation industry. That experience comes with a commitment to our craft and our customers, as well as numerous benefits. Altogether, when you choose us to install your kitchen cabinets, you can expect:

·         Fast Turnaround Times

We build and install cabinets in record-breaking time. By combining high-efficiency labor practices with a turnkey approach, we’re able to finish the job in a minimal amount of time. And because we work fast, we’re also able to reduce the costs of our labor and save you money.

·         Quality Guarantee

We work fast, but that doesn’t mean we cut corners. On the contrary, we utilize stringent quality control procedures to verify that our cabinets will look and perform flawlessly. They’re built to hold up over the years, even with consistent heavy-duty use. When you choose us, you can rest easy knowing you’ll love your new cabinets for years to come. We guarantee it.

·         Seamless Aesthetics

Our cabinets are built to last. But they’re also built with artistry, care, and beauty in mind. They promise to elevate the form of your kitchen, contributing to its overall feel, look, and atmosphere. For seamless aesthetics, there’s no better option.

Choose the Cabinet Contractor with a Record of Achievement

Kitchen Gallery LLC is driven by passion, innovation, and a commitment to excellent service. Those qualities have not gone unnoticed: They’ve earned us a strong word-of-mouth reputation, countless return customers, and numerous awards from well-renowned organizations.

We’re proud to be the recipient of several accolades, including the National Kitchen and Bath Association’s First Place Kitchen, two-time winner of the James K. Foster Award for Best Overall Design, the Magnolia Media Award for Best Kitchen, and the Customer Value Award by SEN Design Group. Ultimately though, what matters most to us is the continued satisfaction of our many happy customers. They’ve all come to expect no less than the best from our custom cabinets. You can, too.

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