Bathroom Remodeling in Knoxville

When it’s time to install a new bathroom, or replace an existing one, look no further than the specialists at Kitchen Gallery LLC! We design and install outstanding bathrooms, adding convenience and beauty to any home in Knoxville.

Our bathroom remodels are completed using the highest quality features and finishes, including appliances which minimize water consumption. Our workmanship is outstanding, and we work with diligence and precision to ensure exceptional results.

Allow us to install a modern, personalized bathroom oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

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Bathroom Design and Style Consultations

Unmatched Selection of Bathroom Finishes, Appliances, and Materials

Before we begin building your new bathroom, we set out to translate your vision into a blueprint during a no-obligation design consultation. Book an appointment at no risk to you, and we’ll send a certified contractor to your doorstep to meet with you in-person. We aim to collaborate with you and customize your design until it’s a perfect match for your taste, lifestyle needs, and budget. Tell us everything—from the style of the shower to the color of tile—we want to know it all.

We work alongside some of Knoxville’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of remodeling materials and products. As a result, we can offer unbeatable low costs on a full inventory of products.

At the initial consultation, we will show you through your options for:

  • Toilets
  • Tubs
  • Showers
  • Sinks

We’ll also present additional options to customize your bathroom, such as:

  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry
  • Tiles and Backsplashes
  • Lighting
  • ...and other features

Are you ready to transform your bathroom? Set up a consultation today to discuss your options for bathroom remodeling.

Accurate Remodeling Quotes

Forget ballpark figures and rough estimates—thanks to our detailed consultative process, our contractors quote our projects down to the dollar. When you’ve made all your product selections, and you’ve given us the green light on our design proposal, we’ll crunch the numbers for you and compile a comprehensive cost estimate for your consideration. You’ll be able to see all the material and labor costs from beginning to end because we believe that as a prospective customer, you deserve to know everything from the get-go.

The Bathroom Construction Process

When you say go, we jump into action. Over the years, our skilled crew has honed our remodeling process down to a science. Starting with procuring building permits and scheduling convenient appointment times, we’ll manage every detail of the remodeling process on your behalf. The basic steps in our process are as follows:

Bathroom Tear-Outs

Our contractors will safely and carefully dismantle your existing bathroom. As environmentally conscious tradespeople, we’ll repurpose and recycle whatever materials we can. You can count on us to efficiently tear-out the room and haul away all debris off-site neatly and discreetly.

Laying the Groundwork

When we’ve exposed the bare bones of your bathroom, we’ll get to work upgrading and modifying the plumbing and electrical work to accommodate your desired new features. Rest assured, our company partners with local subcontractors that share the same standards for technical excellence that we do. Your project supervisor will oversee all the work in your bathroom to ensure it’s up to par with our criteria for masterful craftsmanship.

Installing the Bathroom

Watch your bathroom blueprint come to life as our contractors begin to install all surfaces and appliances. Cabinetry, flooring, showers, vanities—at this stage, everything will come together in picture-perfect fashion. As always, your supervisor will liaise with you regarding schedules and completion times, so you’re consistently up to date with our progress.

Post-Op Inspection

When everything is in place, we’ll rigorously inspect and test every component of the room to verify it’s ready for occupancy. We’ll also unveil the final product to you to ensure everything meets (or exceeds) your expectations for a dream, spa-worthy, five-star bathroom.

Outstanding Bathroom Renovation and Remodeling Services

With the remodeling contractors at Kitchen Gallery LLC, the bathroom of your dreams is within reach! It has never been easier, faster, or more affordable to create a bathroom that reflects your needs and desires. Choose which colors and styles you want but also the features and layouts that truly make sense to you!

A bathroom remodel is the perfect opportunity to upgrade plumbing, appliances, and lighting to the most modern versions. This will allow for improved performance as well as significant energy and water savings. Your carefully chosen features will also offer excellent durability.

As an investment, your bathroom remodel is certain to add significant resale value to your home. From the initial consultation to the final completion of your new bathroom, you’ll be amazed by the level of customization offered to you!

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Skilled, Dependable Remodeling Contractors with Extensive Experience

Our remodeling specialists have been providing outstanding remodeling services to Knoxville property owners for a number of years.

We have established a great reputation for our excellent workmanship, the use of top-quality materials, and great rates. We recognize that no two homes or homeowners are alike, and we tailor our approach to each individual client. We make every effort to work safely and neatly on each property. We will install each component with precision and before we pack up our equipment, we follow through with an inspection and cleanup. Your stunning new bathroom oasis will be ready to enjoy in no time!

Enhance Beauty and Convenience with a Bathroom Remodel

Discover the countless benefits of a bathroom renovation! Our bathrooms provide the perfect combination of comfortable luxury and practical functionality.

The remodeling contractors at Kitchen Gallery LLC have the experience, passion, and resources to transform your bathroom into a truly modern and comfortable oasis!

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Bathroom Remodeling in Knoxville

For most people, their bathroom is their second living room. It may sound funny, but it’s true! You read in it, you text and browse the internet in it, you may even have length bathtub phone conversations in it. All these things you could be doing on the comfort of your couch, so why not make your bathroom just as inviting as a cozy living room?

At Kitchen Gallery LLC, remodeling bathrooms is our specialty. With the right team, you too can have a designer bathroom you’ll love relaxing in – and it will even add value to your home!

Why Remodel?

Maybe you’re not sure if you want a sumptuous new bathroom--your bathroom is functional the way it is. Well, there are a lot of small bathroom upgrades you can install that will boost convenience and value, or a larger renovation is a great idea if you enjoy anything custom. Don’t settle for functional when you could have fabulous!


An updated bathroom is an investment. Along with kitchen renovations, a bathroom renovation is one of the bigger ones. However, both are guaranteed return on investment; bathrooms to the tune of MORE than 100% of the cost!


A faucet is a faucet – or is it? Modern faucets are a work of art, that can expel waterfall-esque streams without you even touching the handle. And this is just one aspect of the bathroom – showers, bath tubs, sinks, tiles, have all come a long way. Once you look at the options out there, you won’t want to stick with the basics.


Storage is an important part of every room in every home. Cleanliness has been scientifically proven to benefit your mental and physical wellbeing, so let us install some clever storage solutions in your bathroom and keep it tidy. For your health!


A bathroom renovation should be first and foremost, for you. All the updates and additions should be ones that you love - not only what future homeowners will should you sell. For a room that accumulated over a lifetime you may be spending 1.5 years in, you should enjoy it.

Remodel with Confidence

Your Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

As a valued customer of ours, we’re committed to your total satisfaction during the remodeling process. From start to finish, you can remodel with confidence, knowing that with us, you’ll always receive:

  • Prompt, friendly service
  • No-obligation, on-site consultations
  • Accurate quotes
  • Competitive pricing
  • Superior communication
  • Quick project completion times
  • Certified remodeling contractors

Tell us, how can we earn your satisfaction today?

Why Choose Kitchen Gallery LLC?

Doing it yourself could save money up front, but in the long run, a bathroom renovation should be done by professionals. We make it our business to know about bathrooms in Knoxville as we’ve built many of them. Our team has the experience required to get the job done in a timely fashion with the highest level of skill and dedication put into it.

DIY is fun, but when you choose a professional in the field, they’ll help you out with tips and techniques you may never consider otherwise.

At Kitchen Gallery LLC we take remodeling seriously. Our guarantee is that it will be done right and made to last for years to come. With this responsibility in mind, you can be certain any potential issues that crop up will be dealt with.

When you take on a remodeling project on your own, you leave yourself open to future problems and expenses that no one else is responsible for other than you.

Call us today and let your bathroom be the next in our portfolio of stunning Knoxville makeovers!